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Paint Brushes

Hylite started as paint brush manufacturing company in 1965 & ever today paint brush is still our core business. We have widest range of paint brushes amongst any manufacture in India. Over a period of 45 years we have perfected the art of making brushes blending of bristle of filament.Our pure bristle range in India & Chines bristle still has dedicated customers. Special made to order brushes as per our customer specification in our hallmark.

Brush Use & Care Tips
  • Choose the right brush for the job.The brush should be wide enough for optimum control and efficiency.
  • For large areas such as walls and ceilings most popular sizes are 100mm ("4") and 125mm("5").For medium size area like doors and cupboard 75mm("3") brush is best suited whereas for smaller areas 50mm("2") and 25mm("1") brush give best result.
  • Immediately after use, rinse brush thoroughly in the same solvent used to thin the paint.
  • Shake of excess solvent, wrap the bristle carefully and store for future use.
  • Don't ever let the brush stand on its painting tips.

Chinese Natural
100% Chinese Natural
Superior quality paint brush in tin ferrule with thickness of 10 mm approx. Brush size available are 25 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm, 63 mm, 75 mm & 100 mm. Ideal for solvent/water based paints for use on trims, doors, windows & grills etc.
Synthetic Mix

Indian Natural

Chinese Natural

Premium quality paint brush in tin ferrule with thickness of 16 mm approx. Brush size available are 75 mm, 100 mm & 125 mm. Ideal for water based paints for use on large surfaces both in interior & exterior.
Synthetic B/W


Synthetic Mix

Hylite Synthetic range of paint brushes made with hollow / solid tapered PBT in tin ferrule. Sizes available are 25 mm to 125 mm.